Winny Immigration Review

  • I wanted to go Canada on a student visa, I had inquired to many consultancies. Everyone said they would process it, only Winny said that it is not possible due to my profile. I remember I almost visited their office 10 times and their CRM explained me the process in detail and reasons where I was unsuitable for Student visa which convinced me to apply as PR. I still had my doubts of 2% whether my decision was correct but all got cleared when one of my friend tried his luck with student visa and got rejection. This made me realized the difference between armature and experts !

- Palak Nagori (4 April 2016)

  • One of my friends gave me bad reviews about Winny when I got registered with the consultancy. I was in dilemma about my money which I had invested. But when I got in touch with their staff and processed my applications, I realized that people are meant to judge it may be right or wrong. In my case, it proved to be wrong. Thank you Winny for handling my PR file.

-  Lena Trivedi (19 April 2016)

  • With the help of precious advice and guidance from Winny, I along with my husband have submitted our file in the Express Entry pool. The other consultancy which we approached earlier never provided us with relevant and authentic information but here at Winny we never fall short of updates. Thank you

- Bharat Kumar (6 June 2016)

  • With the proper guidance and documentation by Winny team, I have submitted my file in the Express Entry pool. Though I used to trouble them with my silly questions but they never avoided me or refused to answer my queries. Great work Winny.

- Komal Singh Chautala (29 June 2016)

  • Went for student visa, but the counselors made me realize that I am eligible for the Express Entry program which will provide me Canada PR status. Great services provided, including visa documentations, coaching and preparing documentation. I would refer Winny as trustworthy and honest. Cheers..

- Neelam Chaudhary (18 January 2016)

  • When everyone said that the score would increase, I took Winny’s advice as they were ICCRC registered. They said the score will come down starting January 17. I am glad I took your advice and submitted the file. I have received my ITA and am about to further process with the required documents. Thank you, Winny!

- Nachiket Singhania (20 August 2016)