Winny Education Review

  • When I was planning to enroll for overseas education, I visited Winny Immigration & Education Services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After understanding my career plans, My counselor, Khushbu ma'am explained to me the advantages of studying in Canada. She gave me detailed guidance about courses and institutions and gave me a check-list of required documents. My applications to three reputed colleges were prepared efficiently and after my admission was just a matter of few weeks. Winny officers helped me to prepare the Visa documents and within no time, I was on my flight to Toronto, Canada! Thank you, Winny!

- Manan Desai (19 May 2016)

  • I was not at all sure whether I will be able to score the required IELTS bands to process my Student Visa for Canada but with Winny’s Coaching team, I was provided with all the support and guidance along with the standardized reference materials which helped me to crack the IELTS exam. Thank you Winny team.

- Mikul Shah ( 7 May 2016)

  • With the first rejection, I was almost shattered. My CRM motivated me and convinced me to put the file again. They seemed confident that something as went wrong with the assessment and were sure that I will receive a visa. Finally, I have received my visa for Canada. Thank you so much Winny

- Sneha Singh (4 April 2016)

  • I was very annoyed when I missed my preferred intake due to the delay in receiving the offer letter. But now with the speedy processing by the team of Winny, I am about to put up my file for the visa processing. Thank you Winny for all your support.

- Dhiraj Patel (15 April 2016)

  • Every time I appeared for IELTS, I couldn’t score the required bands. When I started seeking training at Winny’s Coaching department, I have successfully scored the bands. My file for Canada Student Visa is in process currently. Thank you for all your precious support.

- Nivedita Ansari ( 3 March 2016)

  • I remember walking in the Winny office for the first time. I had so many doubts and queries and second thoughts about my decision to study in Canada. But the staff of Winny was very calm, supportive and friendly and answered my every query confidently also helping me with the process for the same. I don’t think I can thank them enough.

- Parth Shah (25 January 2016)