Why to Study in Durham College?


Are you planning to seek admission in one of the renowned colleges of Canada? Canada is famous for its world class education system, multicultural environment and post study career opportunities. Durham College has been one of the most preferred institutions for students from all over the world and the reasons are as below:

Durham College offers over 140 full-time career-focused courses in the fields of IT technology and engineering, business management, health industry, media, art and design, justice and emergency services.

Admission in undergraduate programs with 6.0 bands and in postgraduate programs with 6.5 bands in IELTS.

Partial scholarships available for international student with 7.0 bands.

Durham College’s Hired Portal helps in exploring career resources, employer recruitment sessions and job opportunities on campus.

Located in Ontario, Canada, Durham College offers best of campus as well as country and city life experience with several career opportunities.

In addition to expanding and improving impact of Durham College on the Region of Durham, it continues to develop relationships with various educational institutions and community partners across the world

High quality of education and safe and vibrant campus environment is the most important aspects of this college that attract a number of students each year. For more details about education in Canada, visit nearest foreign education consultant.