Why Should You Study in Ireland


Ireland is a part of European Union and it is the only English speaking country in the Euro Zone. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a population of 4,696,141 as it was estimated in January, 2016. It has a secure environment to live, study and work with 40% young generation and it is known for being one of the friendliest nations in the world.

Ireland is well-recognized for its excellent education standards and warmest of welcomes. Besides the Ireland’s academic quality, there are number of reasons to study in Ireland.

Most beneficial part of studying in Ireland is, with top ranked universities, there is no language barrier.

Ireland education system is divided into three basic levels: Primary, Secondary and Higher education that offers a wide array of post-secondary programs.

It provides access to more than 5000 internationally recognized qualifications with leading research opportunities.

A variety of courses are catered in the fields such as Environmental science, technology and communications, peace and conflict studies, art and history and so on.

Ireland is first choice of thousands of students from around 161 countries.

It connects the students with numerous career opportunities as leading global companies are located in the country.

Ireland is a vibrant country. Its remarkable history is evident and celebrated throughout the country.

Also known as Emerald Isle, It is the land of magic, mystery, art and music. It is world-wide famous for its food and alcoholic beverages as well.

Ireland is the best choice for students that are goal oriented and want to make most out of their time while studying abroad. To know more about overseas education or student visa visit nearest branch of Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd.