Why Indian Students Choose To Study In USA After 12th Standard


Most of the Indian students dream of studying abroad after completing school. It has been noticed in last two academic years that most of the Indian students prefer to study in USA. To study in USA the student has to meet the entry requirements of the institute and score around 5.5 to 6.0 in IELTS.

The political discourse concerning the immigration in the US seems to have made an effect on the interest of International students in American Universities. Around 40% of the Higher Education Institutions in the US have reported declines in International applicants for the fall 2017 admissions.

Even though there has been a decline in overall number of International students, it has been seen that Indian students still prefer to study in US. It has been seen that countries like India can gain benefit from encouraging its citizens to study in the United States. This is so because, according to a study done in 2015, 116 Indian companies were looked at and it was found that the companies who had studied abroad or worked abroad had a competitive advantage. This makes US the most preferred as it attracts the best students and exposes them to a truly cosmopolitan environment.

There are many reasons to choose USA as a destination for higher studies, a few them are-

The education system of America provides flexibility to students. On the undergraduate level a student can take the classes they like till the end of second year college where they have to decide their major. So, if a student doesn’t know what their interests are they can still apply stating the same and figure out where their interests lie or if they already have a subject of major in mind but during the course of two years they think there’s another course that they’d also like to be a part of then they can do a double major.

During graduation students are provided with research and training opportunities wherein they can assist teacher and get to learn more as well as earn by this medium, many more such opportunities are provided to the students in USA.

US have made sure that all sections of their education systems are well equipped with technology. Easy access to data and technology makes students life much easier.  Also US institutes provide good guidance to the international students and most institutes support the students through visa processes, accommodations and much more.

Hence, since last few years USA has seen gradually increasing number of Indian students taking admission in the US institutes. Also, this has made USA the leading choice for International students.