Why Are English Proficiency Tests Mandatory For International Students?


English as we all know is the official language in many parts of the world. Many schools, also, have taken up supporting English as a second language.  If you take up a focused English language program, you’ll learn all the right skill to excel in your studies. The academic English language exams develop a range of practical communication skills and real life communication skills. There are many reasons why, taking an English language test can be helpful-

  • ● Educational institutes require certain English level tests, for admissions in to the college or university.
    ● Immigrants need to show that they do not lack communication skills and would be able to make communication with others.

Some people also take the test to know their level of English.

The main three test for English proficiency that are accepted almost everywhere are-

    ● IELTS- International English Testing System
    ● TOEFL- Test Of English as a Foreign Language
    ● PTE- Pearson Test Of English Academic

Other tests for English language proficiency are

    ● G-TELP- General Test of English Language Proficiency test
    ● IELCA- International English Language Competency Test
    ● TIEC- Test of International English Competency

These tests can be cracked by the help of institutes that provide TOEFL coaching, IELTS coaching and PTE coaching. The coaching agent helps you prepare for these tests through coaching and training and then taking tests to ensure that your English has improved. A lot of institutes have started providing TOEFL coaching as well as IELTS coaching and a few train students for PTE as well. Through the help of mock tests, better understanding of what the foreign universities expect and the help of coaching agent in understanding the concepts, the students can cracks these tests easily.

So, for anybody, wanting or wishing to fly away to an institute out of India for further studies, now is the time to start your TOEFL coaching and/or IELTS coaching with a good coaching agent. They can help with you the exams as well as understanding and knowledge. Do, remember you need to give at least one of these exams to be legible for admission in a foreign institute.