When to take the TOEFL Test?


When is the right time to take the TOEFL test?  It is a tough question. You would not want to take the exam too early as you might be unprepared. You would not want to take the exam too late as you will have insufficient time in case you need to reappear for better scores. But, before choosing the test, there are a few points you can consider so you can boost your performance while limit difficulties.

● Check program’s application deadline for the school you want to apply. Mark that day on your calendar. Calculate backward from that day to see what day you should take your TOEFL exam. Even if you are confident with your abilities, make sure you have enough amount of time between the test and application deadline. If you want to take a re-test, you will have sufficient time to do so.

● Divide your practice time into 1 or 2 hours slots. Rushing your studies or long hours of study may not be suitable and will create a constant burden of preparation. It is understandable that you just want to get over the exam by taking it as soon as possible to ease your mind. But it is also important to work with patience as the TOEFL is valuable and so are your time and efforts.

● Work smart and be practical. If you are joining TOEFL coaching class, plan your TOEFL exam within a few weeks so that your knowledge is still fresh. If you have time while short break from school, spend it to brush up the test taking skills. Prepare smartly for your TOEFL and take all the advantages you can take.

● TOEFL score is valid for a limited period of time and that is for two years. You may have to re-take the test if your score card is old for two or more years.  So keep a check on your score card and apply accordingly.

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