Useful Tips for Living and Saving Money in Canada for Foreign Students


Being a student, saving money is something which is often neglected or overlooked thinking parents are there to bear your expense but it should not be like this. If you start saving your money from today indirectly, you are saving the money for the future as well.

Here are few tips through which you can live a simplified life with less expense:

1) First and foremost tip will be to avoid unnecessary expense. Try not to shop for some unnecessary things which are not in requirement. Usually what happens is when you visit a mall and look out for some sale then you end up buying things which is not required at the moment. It’s not about only shopping, but while studying abroad you should be planned for everything.

2) Plan your budget which means you should be aware about the how much money is required for your whole course/program i.e. tuition fees, accommodation, transportation etc. Ensure that you have enough money in your hand to bear your expense while studying abroad.

3) International students are also eligible for working while studying in Canada. So students who plan to work along with their studies can manage their finance accordingly

4) It’s always better to use cash or debit cards even if you have access to credit card services. Using cash or debit cards will enable you to spend according to the finance which is available with you.

5) While studying abroad, usually student’s gets accommodation at University/College campus itself but if it’s not possible then you can rent a room or flat as per the requirement. To bear the rental expense, you can also share the room with your university/college peers who are looking out for accommodation.

6) Use the public transit for your transportation. Some of the public transit also provides passes to the students. So you can also get the advantage of this passes which will help you to save some money.

7) Curb your cell phone bills. It’s obvious that staying away from parents will make you feel homesick but daily international calls will increase your cell phone bills. To avoid such situation, you can also choose some local telephone services which provide unlimited features to the subscribers.

There are unlimited options to save your money like go for purchasing used things such as textbooks if it’s available in your nearby location, avoid night outs, use your student ID card for discounts etc.