Top 8 Reasons why Canada is a good Destination to Study


Every year thousands of international student fly down to Canada for the study purpose. Canada is becoming one of the most popular study destinations among international students. Reason behind students opting to pursue their further education or higher education in Canada can be many but here’s the top 8 reasons why student choose Canada as their study destination.

Wide range of universities and colleges: Being the second largest country in the world, Canada has wide range of university and college options for the student’s alongwith different study and research based programs. It’s a fact that Indian students are getting more and more attracted towards the Canadian colleges and universities.

High quality education: Canada’s high quality academic programs itself means high quality education which will open doors for many of the students in the job market. Canadian education is known for its quality and excellence compared to other countries. In Canada, great importance is given to education and maintaining its high standards.

Low cost of living: The cost of living and study in Canada is comparatively less than the USA and the UK. People coming from the USA and Europe find the cost of living in Canada very cheap when compared to their own country. Most of the Canadian institutes charge low tuition fees from international students and still maintains high education standards. With low tuition fees the education in Canada is affordable for students but at the same time it’s very tough to get an admission in Canadian colleges or universities.

Internationally accredited programs: Canada values education massively. It provides internationally recognized degrees which is equivalent to the USA and the UK.  Canada is famous for good colleges and diversified range of courses. Canadian education system is well balanced and well structured.

Safe and peace loving country:  Canada is known to be peace loving, politically stable and safe country. It is also free from all sorts of discrimination. It is like a spectrum of cultures. It has multicultural society and it values diversity. It has people from all religions, races and cultures which are extremely friendly and welcoming. Many universities and colleges in Canada have security facilities in the whole campus. Every now and then, we hear student killed or attacked in the USA or Australia but it’s a fact that we haven’t yet heard about any student mistreated in Canada.

Work while you study: In Canada, students at the initial 6 months are allowed to work on campus and thereafter they are allowed for off campus work. As per the student visa work permit, students in Canada are allowed to work for 20 hours a week due to which students get the opportunity to build business relationship with the employers which will help them out once they complete their program. Moreover, many universities and colleges in Canada also provide co-op programs under which the students get the opportunity to have exposure into some real world experience.

Optional Practical Training (OPT): A student applying for one year program gets one year work option while students applying for 2 years program get 2-3 years’ work option depending upon the type of program. This work permit is issued to student once they complete their program and this permit is issued to maximum of 3 years.

Permanent Residency Status: One of the most important benefit of studying in Canada is that an international student after the completion of his/her student visa can apply for permanent residency status from within Canada itself and which might take hardly 15-18 months’ time.