Top 5 cities to live in Canada


Canada is known for its diverse economy with different provinces and cities to choose from before taking a final decision on where to settle or immigrate in Canada. Rather than choosing the largest cities of Canada, try to explore some other smaller provinces or cities which provides ample amount of opportunities for its newcomers.

Winnipeg: Last year, more than 60,000 immigrants settled in Winnipeg through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program. Majority of immigrants to settled in Winnipeg where from India and China. Because of this, Winnipeg is also the third fastest growing economy compared to other Canadian cities. Due to the increase in population, there is a huge demand in housing and similarly, significant rise in house prices.

Calgary: Calgary is known as the third most diverse cities of Canada. Calgary is the strongest performing economy and is expected to continue for years now. It’s also known as the capital city for oil and gas industry. Calgary is also considered to be the sunniest city of Canada. Majority of immigrants settle in Calgary due to the wide range of employment opportunities in oil and gas and agricultural industries whereas also due to the low tax rate. As Calgary is home to majority of immigrants, it also provides English as a second language ESL programs in the schools. Moreover, when it comes to owning a house in Calgary then it is cheaper compared to renting a house.

Halifax: It’s been said that Halifax played an active role in rescuing the survivors of Titanic ship years ago. Halifax the capital of Nova Scotia is also the largest urban metropolis with wide range of employment opportunities in its service sector. Every year, many multicultural events are led in Halifax promoting education, information technology and so on. Halifax has some of the most affordable houses in the city. Most attracted site in Halifax is the star shaped fort at Citadel Hill which is also a National Historic Site of Canada.

London: London the six largest city of Ontario is mostly attracted to immigrants due to its affordable housing, parks, low crime rates, excellent education system and health care facilities and but obvious its cultural lifestyle. London also hosts Sunfest a world music festival which is the second biggest event in Canada after Caribana in Toronto. London is home to University of Western Ontario, Fanshawe College and many health care and education centers. The economy of London is majorly dominated by medical research, insurance, manufacturing and information technology.

Waterloo: Waterloo is considered to be thriving place in Canada to live, work, study as well to make investment. Waterloo is a diverse economy with strong knowledge and service based sectors. Waterloo is known for its well-known think tanks i.e. the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Centre for International Governance Innovation. Waterloo is also home to many of the high tech firms like Blackberry, Google, Oracle etc. historically, Waterloo has lowest unemployment rates in Ontario.

To mention the top 5 cities in Canada which is best to live in or settle, it’s very tough because Canada is having many provinces and cities with different culture, lifestyle, opportunities and many more for its immigrants.