Tips to Get Job in Canada


Ahead of looking for a job, you should take some time to research and know about the Canadian labour market and the different probabilities for your specific occupation. Students spend thousands of dollars in their education so they should know how to squeeze every penny out of it. You can’t wait for the job opening advertisements because majority of jobs out in Canada are never advertised. So you should get out and pound the pavement.

If at all the job opening is advertised then there will be hundreds of applicants for the position so you should have to be creative as well to stand out in the crowd. Frankly speaking, the easiest way of getting a job is through networking, you can approach any relative or friend in Canada who can help you out in getting a job. Basically, people who have references and good network can have better chances of getting a job in Canada. But if there is no relative or friends in Canada, then you should be looking out for a job all by yourself. To get a job offer in Canada is also not that easy, the employer needs to apply for a LMO to hire a foreign worker.

Another option to find a job is approach recruitment consultants because of majority of employers rely on recruiting companies to find qualified professionals. You can also make cold calls to employers who are looking out for hiring someone or visit the employer’s websites for job openings. You can also register on different job sites like Job Bank, Working in Canada etc. or attend career fairs and talk to recruiters.

In interview, research about the industry in which you are applying for because the employers usually seems interested to talk to the people who knows about the industry and are eager to ask questions related to it. Once the interview is done and result is still pending then you can follow up with the employers.

Spending lot of time in search of job without having any end result might be frustrating but don’t lose hope and don’t give up. Be the graduate that keeps falling down but learns from the mistake every time. Then you will be achieving success.