Tips on Essay Writing in IELTS


Applicants who are planning to study abroad or for immigration need to appear for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) through the language ability of the candidate are assessed. Candidates who wish to study appear for the academic module of IELTS whereas the applicants who wish to migrate appear for General module of IELTS.

In both the module, there are four sections namely writing, listening, speaking and reading. In academic module, Task 1 requires the candidate to analyze, compare and describe the diagram or graph wherein in the Task 2 requires the candidate to present their view point and provide solution to a problem given. In General module, Task 1 requires the candidate to write a letter to the given situation wherein Task 2 requires the candidate to write an essay to the given topic.

IELTS Essay Writing Tips:

  1. Practice the writing task at home. The best option is to write essays while practicing and get it assessed by a teacher. You cannot prepare for the writing task without anyone’s help because you need to know where you are making the mistakes regarding the spelling, grammar, active-passive voice etc.
  2. If you are not confident enough while practicing at home, then you can also hire a trainer for your IELTS coaching and they will help you out to overcome your weaknesses and correct you from making silly mistakes.
  3. Tasks 2 carry more weightage, so read the question carefully and plan your answer accordingly. Don’t start writing without understanding the question because if your answer is not in line with the question then you may lose the marks.
  4. Try to finish off your easy before time i.e. before the completion of 40 minutes. While practicing at home, you should make sure that you write down your essay within the stipulated time period and use the remaining time for re-checking. For the writing task, 40 minutes is allotted wherein the candidate requires writing atleast 250 words.
  5. Always write your essay in an organized way. Write essay in paragraphs as it will make the examiner stay focus to your essay while examining.
  6. Use simple English and don’t try to experiment with different words for which you are not clear with the meaning. Write in such a manner that the examiner understands what you meant to say.
  7. Though your marks are not deducted but still write legibly so that the examiner can read out what you have written. Moreover, avoid making silly mistakes with spellings because writing incorrect spellings do deduct your score. Make sure that while you practice you overcome your mistakes.
  8. While practicing, you get to know what will be the length of your essay with 250 words in your handwriting and this will avoid the wastage of time in counting the words while writing the essay during the IELTS test. Make sure that you don’t write the essay as per the requirement i.e. atleast 250 words. It is very much recommended if you avoid writing more words because writing more words may lead you to make more mistakes.

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