Time Management for IELTS Tests


Time management requires lots of practice. A good way to manage your time in IELTS reading test is to start with the easiest text. A proper understanding towards the questions helps you to find out the answer more effectively. Focus on the text first, the questions second ! Underline, highlight any important text so u can come back to it later.

Never spend too long on a single conversation – guess the answer or leave it to return to it later. Develop your ability to skim. Skimming is reading quickly by skipping over unimportant words. Spot the main ideas and try to get an overview of a text before dealing with the questions.

The process of elimination – if you get stuck, try to narrow down the options as this will increase your chances of a right answer. Pronunciation, fluency, grammar and vocab are equally important skills for speaking. Even though you have a good hold on English, u may get drift if you go off the topic and lose coherence. The longer answers you give is always a better idea to elaborate the topic. To improve your writing skills you need to practice them. Analyze the question, and write a general statement about the data. Then read what you have written and make any corrections. The more you practice the faster you will be able to think and plan and this will give you more time to write. Listening to documentaries, conversations, dialogues and group discussions will improve your listening skills.