Things to Be done on Priority after Receiving your Canada Student Visa


Once you receive your student visa, it’s like your exam results have been declared and you have passed out with flying colors. Now it’s time to prioritize your things and plan accordingly. Attend the pre-departure session conducted by your education consultant which will help you in getting answers to your queries. But if you are managing your things all by yourself then:

  • Book your tickets without waiting for the last minute. Inquire regarding different flight charges and compare its rates based on the different airlines, routes and dates. Make sure that you reach the country days before your program starts.
  • Make arrangements of your pick and drop facilities so that you don’t need to search for some other commutation facility after arriving at the airport.
  • Beforehand, make arrangements for accommodation of your own rather than calling up your relatives and friends in the last minute to make some arrangements for you. Usually, universities/colleges do provide accommodation facilities to international students but if not make sure that before leaving make the necessary arrangements.
  • Now comes to pack your bags means about your luggage. Do check your itinerary before packing things because it will mention in your itinerary what all things you can carry and about what weight you can carry with you. Most of the airlines allow around 23 kgs of luggage for a single passenger. In case, the luggage size exceeds then you might need to pay extra money for that.
  • Don’t forget to carry all the important documents which you might have to submit at the international airport during checking. For safer side, you can carry them in hand along with other important things like medicine, cell phones but in switch off mode, passport etc. Ensure that you don’t carry any banned substances along with you.
  • Don’t forget to convert the Indian currency into foreign currency from money exchange. But before that you can compare the current rates as well. Moreover, for safe travel you can avoid carrying cash with you instead you can opt for multi-currency travel cards.

It’s always better to be prepared in advance rather than running after during the last few minutes.