Terms and Conditions

Winny never asks its users about its account information and if at all you receive any email asking for the same, please contact us at  customercare@winnyedu.com

This website allows its users to have access to or downloading and sending its messages, images, data or any other information on the condition that you and your entity accept and abide by the terms and conditions of our website. If at all you don’t accept our terms and conditions then don’t use this website. Terms and conditions on the site are totally applicable for accessing and using our site and don’t hamper the terms or conditions which you are accountable for with Winny.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Winny is authorized to make any changes in the terms and conditions of the website fully or partially. And the changes will come into effect once it’s posted online. Please visit our website regularly to know the latest update.

Changes to this Site

Winny is also accountable to terminate or make changes in its features or fee structure for using the site without any prior notice. Moreover, we are also responsible for making corrections if any error has come to notice in the website.

Permitted and Prohibited Uses

This site is solely meant for the candidates or individuals seeking employment or any career related information and also for employers for their recruitment purpose. By agreeing to our website terms and conditions, you can use to site for sending or receiving messages or materials. By using this site, you can’t copy, remove, modify, transfer, print or cause any damage through any circumstances to the site. If you are found posting unlawful or harmful materials/contents on the site then Winny will take the corrective action against you for violating the site rules and regulations; if required, may also involve law enforcement authorities for such violations. Winny also have the rights to release any materials posted by you in case of any governmental request or to abide by any law.

Proprietary Rights

While accessing the site, you agree to comply by Canadian and worldwide copyright laws which prevent any unauthorized access. Moreover, Winny doesn’t provide any rights under patent, trademark or copyright to have access over the website information.

You are also not allowed to copy, imitate or use our service names, company names and logos from the site without prior consent from Winny. There are also some services and company names of other organizations which are also registered trademarks.

Winny reserves all rights such as patents, intellectual property rights or trade secret for its services, methods or processes. You are not allowed to use any software on the site for any purpose other than expressly stated on the site. Even if, it’s an image or file generated by the software then also it’s a copyrighted work of Winny.

Links and Third Party Materials

Accessing the linked sites on the Winny’s website then you will be doing it at your own risk. Winny is only providing the links for your accessibility and we are not accountable for any virus or destructive elements on the linked sites. These linked sites are not under the control of Winny. Winny is not accountable for any of the content or material on the linked sites and also don’t stand as a guarantor for the information given on the linked websites. Linked sites on our sites doesn’t mean that they are sponsors or are affiliated or associated with Winny or are legally authorized to use our trademark or logos.

Linking Agreement

If you have access to the links entering to the Internet homepage then you are deemed to agree to its link conditions. Whatever links you find on the site are all established with Winny’s written permission. By having access to these links will provide you royalty free licence to use Winny’s trademark and internet icons with the licensed marks. Except for the limited license, you are not eligible for using any of the Winny's trademarks or service marks for any reason without prior written permission from Winny.

Moreover, you also acknowledge that at any point of time, you won’t directly or indirectly infringe the content or materials available on the site belonging to Winny.

Using this site, Winny will not endorse any of your products or services or techniques in which you are dealing with. Winny will not affiliated or associated with your company without any prior written permission. You are not allowed to misrepresent or mislead other users regarding Winny’s services or products. Moreover, the content available on the site will be appropriate to all the age groups. Winny isn’t responsible or accountable for the content or materials appearing on your website.

Winny also have the rights to terminate your license to use our licensed marks or to link our site and if Winny takes up such actions, then you will immediately remove all the links from this site. Winny can also amend the link conditions at any time. So you should remain updated regarding the changes in the link conditions before agreeing to it.

Agreement to Privacy Policy

You agree to abide by the privacy policy of Winny and the copy of the same will be accessible to you on the homepage of this site.


You accept that Winny is not accountable for the content or materials available on the sites provided by the third party or any consultants. We don’t represent or stand as a guarantor for them. Winny and the third party doesn’t guarantee the truth or accuracy for the information provided on the site. Ontario legal Q&A and the Quebec legal Q&A provide information based on the laws respective to their provinces and their jurisdiction. No one should act upon it without seeking legal advice. This site solely acts as a venue for the employers and recruiters to post their job openings and for the candidates to upload their resumes.

Moreover, Winny don’t provide assurance for the quality, safety and legality of the listings offered by the recruiters or employers on the site related to job openings. There may be risks while dealing with unknown persons, foreign nationals or people with false identify. You will be held responsible for your own risk while dealing with or being in contact with such users through our site. Conducting authentication of a user on Internet is difficult and we don’t assure that the user is accessing the site with its genuine identity or not. Moreover, we don’t interfere between the user to user dealings. If at all you fall into some dispute then also we are not accountable for the same. Winny is under no legal obligation to have control over the materials posted by the users on the site. It might happen that the materials provided on the site may be harmful, inaccurate or wrongly labelled. Winny isn’t accountable or stand as a guarantor for the materials provided by the users through our site. Using the site and content from the site will be at your own risk.

You agree to the terms and conditions of Winny that we are not liable for the content, materials, data or any information posted or provided by any of the third party users through our site. You also acknowledge that you will be held responsible for the content and accuracy of any resume or any job details placed on the site. Winny will not be held responsible for any of the job openings or any employment related information.

Limitation of Liability

You acknowledge that Winny and the third party users mentioned in the site are not accountable for any kind of loss or damage to your information or data arising through using or having access to our site or any linked site.

The limitations of liability in Winny’s terms and conditions apply regardless of the form of action and shall be considered as a breach or failure of contract.


You agree to protect the liabilities of Winny and each of their officers, employees or agents along with the third parties mentioned at our site from any kind of claims or actions arising from having access to our site or content or even violating the terms and conditions of our site.

Choice of law

This site is operated and administered by Winny from its corporate office in Canada. Winny doesn’t represent or stands as a guarantor for the materials posted at this site or make use of it at any location other than Canada. If you have access to this site from outside Canada then you will be accountable to comply with the local law. You may not be allowed to export any of the content or material from this site against its export laws and regulations. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws in force in the province of Ontario. In case of any matter related to the intellectual property rights and protection of confidential information, the parties agree that any action arising against the Terms and Conditions shall be initiated in Toronto or else in the Province of Ontario. Each party agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in Ontario. Moreover, the terms and conditions of this site don’t comply with the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.


If any dispute related to the sites terms and conditions including its performance, breach, violation or if any party fails to reach the agreement related to the terms and conditions remains unresolved then it will be referred and settled by the private and confidential binding arbitration held in Toronto, Ontario with the mode of communication in English and as per the Ontario law pursuant to the Arbitration Act, 1991 (Ontario). The arbitrator in the said dispute will be legally trained personnel with experience in information technology sector of Canada and who will be leading the dispute independently.


The above mentioned terms and conditions will be considered as the final agreement between Winny and the user with respect to the subject matter.

Any action related to the site or the terms and conditions resulting into dispute or cause must be commenced within one year after the cause of action arises.

If in any case, the court of competent jurisdiction finds any clause or provision related to the terms and conditions to be unenforceable then the particular clause will be applied to a limit and the remaining terms and conditions continue to be enforced on the users.

Neither parties mentioned in the site will be allowed to get in contract or act for some other party.

Failure or breach of any terms and conditions shall not prevent any subsequent enforcement of such terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions in this site will not be changed, waived or terminated unless a revised one is posted on this page.

Additional Terms of Use

In this site, there are certain areas which are bound by additional terms, so using such areas you may agree to bind by the terms applicable to such areas.