Studying in USA – Know your part-time work options


After lots of research and hard work, you might have successfully secured a USA student visa and now you will be looking out for some part time work options inorder to manage your expenses.

One might think being a student what’s the need of part-time work. Part time work helps the student to pay off their bills or saving for the next semester. Many students fulfill their dream of overseas education with educational loan, so with part-time work, the student can settle the loan amount. With work experience, you can develop your language skills, socialize with others, get acquainted with the foreign culture and the most important thing reflects a positive impression in your resume.

But before you apply for the part-time job, you should know the part-time work rights based on your program. Moreover, you should check whether you are eligible for the part-time work as an international student in the host country i.e. the United States or not. USA has very strict rules for international students specifically for the part-time work options. Being an undergraduate student in the USA, you are not entitled for part time work option.

Being an F-1 student, you cannot opt for off-campus work during the first academic year but you can have on-campus employment with certain terms and conditions. After the first academic year, F-1 student can opt for the off-campus job i.e. curricular practical training, optional practical training and STEM optional practical training extension. Make sure that F-1 students secure off-campus job based on their area of study and also seek permission from the Designated School Official. You can look out for part-time work options at university campus, computer centers, libraries, cafeterias, restaurants, cafes, call centers, etc. Depending upon your area of study and skills, you can find out a suitable job.

Working while study, you should know the basic rights for which you are entitled to being a part-time worker. You should also know the different rules and regulations imposed on a USA student visa for the part-time work options.

But before searching for a part-time job, it’s better that you give some time to yourself and settle down in the host country, understand the program requirements, make sure whether you will be able to adjust your timings between studying and working and then only go for it.