Studying Abroad – The New Life “Full of Ups and Downs”


Studying Abroad is a wonderful, still puzzling opportunity. It is better to get prepared for it mentally and emotionally to get adjusted smoothly in the new world.

In the very first phase when you have just landed newly, you fall in love with everything you will observe. You would try to cover the maximum ground with your cameras and everything around would be charming and fascinating.

Second phase of your abroad travel is home sickness. After some days you land in the new country, you would start memorizing the celebrations, family, friends and experiences of your home country.

Third Phase is that when you get familiar with the current environment, new friends, colleagues, teachers etc and start adapting the new culture. You start getting attached with the the lifestyle and get a sense of belonging to the new world.

Fourth phase in your foreign education travel is when you become accustomed to the new country and its values. You become so attached with the new lifestyle that you start disliking your home world and the home country feels foreign to you wherein you have spent almost 20 years of your lifespan.

The last phase come when you become very serious towards your goals and values and start chasing them hard to achieve your career destination.

It is very essential to know that there is no timeline or deadline to any of these phases of your foreign travel. Transition to a new life can be little difficult but overall it’s a marvellous lifetime experience. Studying in entirely a different culture, lifestyle, values is a bit challenging but the challenge is worth taking for a bright and successful career.