Study in Australia: Visa guide for students


Are you interested in studying in Australia? Then the next question would why you have decided to study in Australia?

For some the answer would be obvious, due to the innovative and creative teaching methodologies adopted by the universities/colleges in Australia and the friendly environment with full of opportunities available for the youth. As an international student, one will always live and grow in Australia. Moreover, students also find a competitive job market waiting for them as soon as they complete their studies. Frankly speaking, reasons will be endless.

But above all first is to initiate the paper work for student visa and then only you can proceed further. There are many visa options available for the students depending on their type of study like language, degree, whether its higher education or vocational training etc. and accordingly they can plan their intake. Here’s a list of visa options which are currently available for international students:

  1. Independent ELICOS (Subclass 570)
  2. Schools (Subclass 571)
  3. Vocational Education and Training (Subclass 572)
  4. Higher Education (Subclass 573)
  5. Postgraduate Research (Subclass 574)
  6. Non-award (Subclass 575)
  7. Foreign Affairs or Defence (Subclass 576)

If you are planning for some short term programs then you can also opt for visitor or working holiday maker visa. For a student applying for university or tertiary level then he/she needs to apply for higher education sector visa (subclass 573) or postgraduate research sector visa (subclass 574). If you are planning to pursue English language intensive course for overseas students (ELICOS) then the independent ELICOS sector visa (subclass 570) is pat for you. If the student is enrolling into some schooling program i.e. primary or secondary or even some school exchange program then he/she needs to apply for school sector visa (subclass 571). Students who wish to opt for some vocational or training programs then can process through vocational education and training sector visa (subclass 572) and if the student is visiting Australia for some training or research purpose then he/she should go for training and research visa (subclass 402). Those students who manage to secure sponsorship from the department of foreign affairs and trade or the department of defence then they need to process through foreign affairs or defence sector visa (subclass 576). If you are applying for some foundation course then you need to process your file through non-award sector visa (subclass 575).

To make it more easy, you can also approach an Australia student visa consultant Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and V.V Nagr. These consultants will actually help you out with which visa option is suitable for you as per your study plan.  Living in a different country will be very different for an international student even for the climate, life style, accommodation, transportation etc. so ahead for making any final decision research regarding the country you are interested into and also get an expert advice on it.