Study Abroad in Germany


Planning to study abroad? Then think about Germany.

Every year thousands of students have the opportunity to study in Germany. So German universities and technical colleges try to provide enough university places for international students and they also make efforts to support them in many other questions concerning the time abroad.

But have you ever imaged what makes Germany so special and what can it offer to the students from all over the world? Germany proportionally is a small country but its history as well as its actual role makes it so special. Germany is considered to be the most populous country and is the third most popular destination among international students. German degrees are highly renowned and it shows the future employer that the student had gained a firm basic education and further knowledge. The large focus on research activities is also the reason for good reputation of German universities. The state sponsors the research projects and so students do their own projects and have a real world experience.

Basically students can study in Germany free of cost. German universities receive considerable fund from the government itself. You might have to pay some minimal amount while pursuing masters. There are many ways to finance your studies. Many institutions in Germany offers scholarship programs like DAAD, party-affiliated foundations and many more. DAAD don’t provide scholarships for the entire program and moreover the selection process is very tough and hardly any student particularly first timers get the chance.

There are plus points while studying in Germany as you can learn the language which will make your day to day life easier. Moreover knowing a foreign language looks impressive on resume. German universities offer degree programs in each and every subject and academic level. If anyone is interested into arts or music, then the student can opt for college of art, film or music. If you are an international student and not fluent in German language then don’t worry as German universities offer degree programs in English as well.

It’s obvious that being away from home, you feel alone and miss your loved ones. So you aren’t alone because many of students at German universities are from foreign countries so you can make friends around the world and get acquainted with different countries and expand your horizons. Many universities take the initiative to support international students by mentoring them through different programs.

When it comes to cost of living, then it’s reasonable compared to other countries but it also depends on where you live. The largest expense that a student will incur during their stay in Germany will be on rents. Inorder to curb rental expense, students can accommodate themselves in student hall of residence or share flats. Students in Germany are allowed to work 90 full days or 180 half days during their course.

Studying in German universities is the first step towards your career as the German degrees are acknowledged among the employers in variety of sectors. Germany is a country of variety. From trendy and modern Berlin to conservative Munich; from the skyscrapers of Frankfurt to peaceful Middle Rhine region; Germany has something for everyone. Safety point of view also Germany is a safe country.

Before jumping into conclusion, research a lot about your decision about overseas education. If required you can also approach a student visa consultant for their professional guidance.