Canada Named the “Favorite Country” for 2015


Lots of people tend to migrate to Canada every year looking out for a job opportunity or settling down with their family but not many know why Canada has become the much favorite destination.

The annual survey conducted by Reputation Institute ranks Canada as a country with the best reputation. Canada has been ranked first for having the most appealing environment, advanced economy and effective government. Reasons to name Canada as the favorite country can be endless but to name few it can be:

Since 1994, Canada has been ranked by United Nations as the best country to live in. Canada offers better security and peaceful environment to its residents.

Canada has the lowest unemployment rate and also creates hundreds of new jobs every year.

Always looks forward to welcome immigrants and provide unlimited opportunities, high quality of living, educational system, health care etc. to them.

Canadian universities and colleges are also known for offering high quality international education to the students. Canadian qualifications are much in demand because the employers are also aware about the high quality of Canadian education system.

Canada has been ranked first for its appealing environment and clean air which makes the life expectancy rate to 76.5 years.

Apart from skilled workers, Canada is also providing opportunities to investors and businessmen to startup their own business in Canadian market with unlimited natural resources, import/export, manufacturing and service industries.

Canadians have access to affordable housing, high quality education and health care services along with a strong government to help its people.

Canada always care for its residents, apart from free health care program and free education to children upto grade 12, it also offers number of social welfare programs like social welfare allowance, pension plan, unemployment insurance etc.

Canadians are known for their polite behavior, diversified and multicultural economy along with safe and peaceful society.