Strategies for TOEFL


Many of the students get perplexed when it comes to the preparation for TOEFL test and getting desired bands. But if you work according to some general strategies, you won’t find TOEFL test as hard as you think it is in your mind.

● Acquaint yourself with the TOEFL test format

Some countries offer Internet Based Test (iBT) TOEFL while some offer Paper Based Test (PBT). First of all make sure which test your country offers you. You cannot choose to take iBT if your country offers you PBT.

● Learn scholastic English

It is important to have basic knowledge of English language. TOEFL measures your English proficiency but it doesn’t mean you should know everything regarding the course you are going to pursue. It means you should know enough of the language so you can understand the course and campus environment. For that, you should read newspapers, watch documentaries, speak English while you hang out with friends. Make best of learning process.

● Know the TOEFL score requirement

Most students take TOEFL test to apply in a specific university/college. The score requirement differs for iBT and PBT. Also, score requirement differs according to your interest of university or college. Remember, TOEFL test result is valid for only two years.

● Give Practice Test

Going to coaching classes and reading books is not enough. Before giving the final test, prepare yourself by giving practice test. Thus, you can identify your weak points and work on it. It will help you to build the confidence you need for the final exam.

Make most of the time you have to prepare well for TOEFL exam. Your preparation will be reflected in your results and your future depends on it. To know more, visit nearest foreign education consultant