A Practical Parent's Guide to Studying Abroad


Parents play an active role in making their children’s future bright by identifying and preparing their children for overseas education. Apart from financing their overseas education, there are plenty of things to do before your child is sent for studying abroad. Studying abroad will provide your children with a new way of thinking and looking on to the world. It’s basically a new experience for them. Parents should do everything which is possible for them inorder to encourage their children and support them in every decision they take with regards to their future.

The first thing to do is approach a genuine and certified education consultant or any study abroad returnee to collect information about the overseas education. To ensure the safety and security of your child in other country, you can also visit the college or university website in which your child is interested to enroll and go through the different services they provide to international students. Keep importance in choosing a program in which suits as per your child’s area of interest along with his/her career goals. Help your child in preparing for the study abroad. Getting the paper work done, providing all the documents for submitting the application and finally to secure an offer letter from the university/college. Eventhough if you hire a consultant then they will be looking after it but still a support from parents is like the child is relieved. Once the offer letter and student visa is received, assist your child in making travel arrangements. Help your child in keeping all the required documents safely, what to carry while going, how much money to be taken, what to expect while in abroad etc.

Parents are a part of making a child a better person by giving them better learning and high quality education. Studying abroad encourages your child to live and work with people of different cultures and which will help further in developing an international and intellectual awareness.