Misconceptions about IELTS Exam


Before appearing in IELTS exam, hundreds of questions rise about the test, preparation and results. With awareness and basic concept, students also develop some misconceptions for the exam which can decrease your chances of getting desired bands. It is important to know about those delusions to avoid unnecessary mistakes that lower your band scores.

- It is must for examiner to agree with your opinion. IELTS is not an opinion test to check your knowledge. You get judged on your proficiency of writing or speaking English and not on your views or opinions.

- Using complicated long words. Practicing IELTS definitely encourages you to improve your vocabulary but avoid using jargons in the speaking or writing tests. Use wide range of appropriate vocabulary but keep away from using the words you are unaware to.

- Depending on your examiner. Your examiner is not responsible to prompt you if you do not stick to your question you are asked or speaking too much or too little. Take control of your speaking without expecting any clue or help from the examiner.

- Particular test centers offer simpler tests. It is a misbelief as all the test centers maintain the same standards and formats. Also same procedure and rules are followed at all the exam centers.
It is okay to be nervous but control mumbling. Get to the exam center on time which will make you comfortable with surrounding and help you in concentrating the exam. To have detailed information regarding IELTS exam and preparation, visit nearest branch of Winny Immigration and Education Services Pvt. Ltd.