IRCC Releases Projections for Immigration Regulations


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – IRCC made an important announcement regarding expected changes in the various immigration rules.  The changes, published in the Forward Regulatory Plan 2016 – 2018, frames most awaited reviews to existing conditions of several immigration programs.

● Many points were put forward, which summarize to following details:

● Proposes to increase the maximum age of a Dependent Child accompanying the main applicant which is currently 19 or less.

● The requirement of living with their spouse for at least two years to maintain their permanent residence status is supposed to decrease.

● A proposal to be developed to amend the Citizenship Act infers the changes in Citizenship regulations.

● The Live-in Caregiver program has been suspended but an individual is still eligible for permanent residence status.

● The two new programs – the Caring for Children Class and the Caring for People with High Medical Needs Class provide a pathway to be PR.

● Amendment in the Business  Immigration Programs is likely to happen to make the process seamless.

● Changes to the International Mobility Program imply to exclude diplomatic missions and certain international organizations from recruiter compliance criteria.

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