10 Reasons to invest in Education Abroad


Students in order to fulfil the ever growing expectations and goals of education providers, employers, family members and the society in general; need to be positive about the scope of options available to them. There are limited but efficient sources of guidance, career counsellors and education consultants, for instance; who can help build a roadmap for students. There are several reasons why a student must invest in overseas education. Here are the top ten:

▸ Area Specific Study:

Universities abroad have a wider range of subjects that may not be available in India. Along with the regular options of programs, they also offer topic specific areas of study.

▸ Knowledge Oriented:

Academics in any other country may not necessarily be easy but is definitely different. As opposed to India where education is grade focused, learning in other countries lays more emphasis on understanding and knowledge.

▸ Work and Settle Abroad:

Overseas education can be a doorway to jobs in the host country and options for permanent residency in countries such as Canada.

▸ Redesign Your CV:

India produces 50 Lakh graduates every year. What is going to make a student stand out is an added international educational qualification from a foreign college or university which also gives the student a wide knowledge base, international work experience and thus a more versatile skill set.

▸ Discover Yourself:

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” When in another country, students are subjected to new situations which they must respond to and adapt. This helps students understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

▸ Become Independent:

Having to do all chores by themselves, it makes the student self reliant, independent and self-confident. It also makes them grateful about the things they have and understand their value.

▸ Understand and Appreciate:

“Sometimes you’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes memory.” The student develops a broader understanding of the world and undergoes a change of perspective about the world at large. It also makes the student culturally sensitive about one’s own country as studying abroad will give the student a chance to see his/her own culture through someone else’s eyes.

▸ A Whole New World:

“Who lives sees, who travels sees more.” International Students get a chance to live amidst completely new traditions and customs and understand them. The student also gets the chance to learn a new language that can further add to his/her career prospects.

▸ Friendships Across the Globe:

By interacting with locals of the host country and also with other international students, students are sure to have friends across the globe and an insight into their culture as well.

▸ It’s Now or Never:

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the knowledge and experience that the student can gain from studying abroad is irreplaceable and will be something to cherish.