Great advice for International Students in Canada


Getting a Canadian university/college degree is a dream for each and every student. Moreover, studying abroad is a life changing experience. Not only the educational system, but the student will also face challenges in adjusting into the Canadian lifestyle, culture, language barrier etc.

First and foremost choose the university based on your aspiration and goals instead of enrolling into any university just for the sake of entering into Canada. First few days at the university will be bit difficult for you. So be patient because you are not the only one new in the campus. Get familiar with the new campus scenario and make new friends. Know about the different facilities and student services available for you. Find out what all learning resources and workshop programs are held for students. Initially, you might feel difficult to accustom to the Canadian culture.

In University, you will also get to experience the different classroom dynamic followed in Canada. Here in India, we see a strict teacher and student association wherein the teacher teaches the class and students sits and learn. But in Canada, the whole education culture is different, here students are expected to involve in classroom debate, discussions, share their viewpoints with the lecturers etc. In Canada, majority of your studies will be independent learning. Moreover, the evaluation of your work and learning is also done differently. So be prepared for the different education system in Canada.

Being in university, you need to have a strong command over English because majority of your communication will held in English only on the daily basis. So don’t feel shy if you don’t understand the communication, you can just ask the person to speak slowly. Don’t forget saying “please” and “thank you” is an important Canadian social custom. Participating in classroom discussions, group work, debate etc. will help you in improving your English skills. Moreover, Canadians consider themselves as open minded and follow certain social customs like being on time both in professional and personal life, politeness, equality, avoid personal questions, don’t crack jokes on people’s race, religion, gender etc. Canadians also expect certain behavior from others as well. Canadians believe in referring the person with Mr or Mrs. /Miss followed by the first name.

Time flies by! You may not feel so but it’s a truth so enjoy your overseas studies.