Indian Students warned Against unregulated Education Agents


Deciding where to study and what to study is something related to one’s future and career and so one shouldn’t take risk by approaching any unregulated student visa consultant. Recently, licensed immigration advisers for New Zealand had warned students to be aware of unregulated consultants, so it’s always preferable to do some research work ahead of approaching an education agent.

Usually what happens is, students get lured by the way consultants speak to them and they believe in their false promises. And later the outcome is that the dreams of the students seem shattered. Questions are raised how to know which consultancy is genuine and which is not. Always keep in mind that once you have decided with opting for overseas education, then research regarding the best student visa consultants available in your city. Collect all possible information like its accreditation, authenticity, license etc. and accordingly shortlist two or three consultancies suitable as per your requirements. Moreover, it’s you who should know which university/college is suitable for you as per your academics because it might happen that the consultancies might secure an offer letter for the university/college which they have tie up eventhough you can be enrolled into a better one.

While visiting the consultancies, don’t hesitate to ask questions to the consultants and don’t feel shy if you ask silly questions after all it’s all about your career. You can also ask the consultant regarding the license or since how many years they are in the field. Try to understand their visa processing and if in case you have any doubts in your mind then feel free to ask because who knows it might affect the processing. Many a times, what happens is students blindly believe to what the consultant say eventhough the student knows that he/she doesn’t have a strong academics but students feel relieved when the consultants claim that they will process his/her student visa file to top universities. Though the consultants manage to secure an offer letter from the university, the end result is “visa rejection”. So it’s always better to take the final decision after consulting different agents. To make it more clear, you can also log on to the consultancy website and go through the student testimonials. Today everything which you wish to know is available on internet so you can check whether the particular consultancy is accredited and licensed one or not.

At the end, it’s all about your future and the hard work your parents have put in to finance your study abroad decision.