Important Information about IELTS Exam


IELTS – International English Language Testing System is an exam that assesses your language proficiency if you are planning to study or work in a country where English language is the medium of communication. Also, the test has two divisions like General training and Academic training.

Some information in brief regarding four modules and training are as following:

● Listening comprises 4 sections with 40 questions and provided time of 30 minutes. In this test, you listen to the recording once and can note down the answers as you listen them. Questions range from short answer questions, to map/plan diagram labelling, summery completion, and multiple choices. You get 10 minutes to write down your answers in you answer sheet.

● Reading (general/academic) comprises 3 section and provided time of 60 minutes. General training reading and academic reading consist of different reading material but both have similar type of questions such as matching features, true/false/not given, table/sentence completion, multiple choices and short answer questions.

● Writing (general/academic) consists of 2 tasks and provided time of 60 minutes. Both general training writing and academic writing have task 1 need to be finished in 20 minutes and task 2 need to be finished in 40 minutes. However, given matters are different for both writing tests so description would differ accordingly.

● Speaking test comprises 3 sections and provided time of 11 to 14 minutes. In first part, you introduce yourself and answer questions regarding your family, friends, interests and an array of similar questions. In second part, you will be asked to speak on a particular topic and in the third part; you discuss the topic with your examiner, given in the second part. This test measures your grammatical accuracy, fluency and pronunciation.

IELTS is accepted in a number of countries in all over the world. To know more you can contact or visit a nearby student visa consultant or IELTS coaching center.