How to manage Study and Work abroad


Students willing to study abroad are confident enough that they will manage their study expense for the rest of the semester by working during the hours they have been offered in a Student visa. But they seem to be unaware about the educational system in other countries.

While studying abroad, half of your time will be spent in the college/university premises and rest of the time you will be busy with the project work or assignments, group studies, research etc. Here the students are confused regarding how to manage their study and work to earn some money which can be utilized for their further semester fees. To cope up the overseas education and work, the student literally needs to understand what time management is.

1) Students need to prioritize their work based on their routine activities. Studying abroad is not an easy task so students are bound to sacrifice their leisure time if they are serious about their career. You need to prioritize your study and work even on weekends.

2) It’s always recommendable to plan on daily or else on weekly basis. Because if you plan on daily/weekly basis you will come to know whether your plan is working or not and you can make the modifications as per the requirements.

3) It might happen that you may feel fluster managing your studies and work. It’s not that international students are not allowed to take a break but they need to limit their leisure time. Because it’s said that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. To relax from the hectic schedule, you can go out for a walk, visit a friend or take a break on weekend.

4) Working while studying is not just about earning money to handle your overseas expense but at the same time you get to know about the real world experience which is also beneficial for you in the long run. Studying and working abroad gives you the confident and ability to manage you time better.

So while thinking about working while you study in the college/university, it’s better that you first settle down with the university curriculum and make a schedule for yourself.