Going Abroad After 12th Standard


Earlier, after completing 12th standard, the student used to complete their undergraduate program from India itself and then work for some time in order to gain experience and then, they’d go abroad and do their post-graduation. But now, the trend has changed. It is preferred that the student goes abroad right after completing 12th and completes their higher studies in abroad.

This has many reasons; doing undergraduate program from abroad builds a strong base for post-graduation. It allows the student to get exposure as well as become independent. Also, many countries provide different opportunities and scholarships to undergraduates like in Singapore; universities offer academic scholarships to meritorious students.

In USA, the student just has to meet the prescribed entry requirement as well as obtaining an IELTS score around 5.5-6.0 bands. In UK the student has to be a part of an International Foundation Year Program before joining an undergraduate program of their choice.

Many other countries offer scholarships as well. Also, there are a lot of career opportunities as well as training and internships for undergraduates to learn. It will also help the student in developing a more adjustable, tolerant, and self-reliant attitude. Moreover the student would also gain marketable skills for the global workforce.

Studying abroad after 12th also helps in honing the student’s language skills. Going abroad will also inculcate acceptance of new cultures and traditions and make the student strong and capable of facing difficult situations. Adapting a new country isn’t easy and living there alone sounds like a task. But institutes take care of international students to make them feel welcomed and to help them in adjusting. Studying abroad provides a student with a lot of opportunities to learn, grow and implement the learned knowledge. The education is different and easy to get involved in due to a balance implementation and theoretical education.

Hence, doing under graduation as well as post-graduation abroad helps in shaping the student to become a confident, adapting and tolerant individual, helps in gaining marketable skills, increases knowledge and provides great opportunities back in their country as well as abroad.