Flying to Canada? Pack Wisely!


There is a lot of excitement when planning a trip abroad. But, there is also confusion of what to pack and what not to. It’s always recommended to pack your bags well in advance and eliminate carrying unnecessary things. Make sure to pack wisely to avoid paying extra charges for overweight.

The first thing to take care of is to pack your important documents such as passport, visas and study permit along with money and photocopies of your documents as a backup if you lose the originals.

The other thing to be kept in mind is that you shouldn’t pack your whole wardrobe instead you should carry only a hand bag and a suitcase preferably the one with wheels.

Here are the things you should have in your carry bag:-

  1. ● Passport
  2. ● Visa and study or work permits if you’re going on student visa or work visa
  3. ● Your health insurance
  4. ● Home stay letter (if required)
  5. ● Credit/Debit cards and money. Also the bank should be informed about your visit to Canada prior your departure
  6. ● Carry a little cash in Canadian Dollars ( preorder cash in advance by calling the bank)
  7. ● Carry a list of important phone numbers
  8. ● A prescription for the medicines you take and doctors note translated in English
  9. ● If you wear contact lenses then you should carry its solution and container in your handbag as well
  10. ● A camera and its charges
  11. ● If you’re going for a long time then you might want to carry a laptop

Carry a change of clothes, toothbrush, and toothpaste in your handbag in case your luggage is delayed at airport due to some technical reasons. Before starting to pack your luggage, check the weather of the country and pack accordingly. Canada is said to have snow and cold climate but the country has a diverse climate. The summers usually have warm day but cool evenings and there might be rains in winters. So, you should know the type of weather the country is offering beforehand.

The essentials to carry to Canada are:-

  1. ● A few long sleeves and short sleeves t-shirts.
  2. ● Socks and thermals for winters.
  3. ● A few pairs of shorts, pants and jeans.
  4. ● Party outfit
  5. ● A pair of comfortable shoes and a pair of dressy shoes
  6. ● Pajamas
  7. ● Gloves

Do not forget to carry your own cosmetics, toiletry bag, hair dryer and other things in case you’re going to homestay. Carry your medicines along with the prescriptions and the drug store receipts. Check the Canadian security requirements for what you can bring and what you cannot:

Keeping in mind these few tips might help you travel light but at the same time with all the required necessities.