Changing Recruitment Trends


“A stable economy and an unwavering flow of investments will push up hiring”

Many factors are shaping the year ahead for businesses and their employees across various sectors, job seekers have a good reason to rejoice. The work people currently doing and the organizations in which they work within are constantly changing.

Few decades back, employers were in search of typists, operators, repair technicians, stenographers etc. now they are seeking assistant managers, audit head, business managers and so on. Earlier employers used to seek candidates through newspapers with separate job listings for men and women, still employers do take newspaper as a medium for job seeking but the criteria has changed. There are no separate listings for men and women; moreover they started finding candidates through Internet.

Frankly speaking, today we are living in a world which any one of you could not have imagined may be 20 to 30 years back. Basically we are living in an economy which is mainly powered by technologies. We won’t be surprised when robots replace humans. Today, the use of computers and the Internet in workplaces has widened and the functions performed using computers have increased. Currently the environment in the organization is very dynamic, global, complex, highly competitive and extremely volatile, and this trend is likely to continue.

Employee turnover is the major issue in many of the organizations particularly for service industry and support industry. The highest employee turnover is seen in client facing job profile. It takes hardly 6 months to fill up the vacancies which indicate abundant skills available in the market. Many companies are investing heavily in the upcoming generation. In addition to this, many companies are recruiting high school students for their internship programs with pretty good salary structure. Different surveys claim that majority of new generations are already working as managers, senior management and as executives and it’s because of companies losing older workers leading to more job openings. As Social media is continuing to push companies to be more open and share more of their activities on a daily basis, more employees like to work with honest employers, who provide transparency about what the company is doing, where it’s leading in the future and gives honest feedback regularly.

It has been observed that the recruitment industry is increasingly making use of social media to deliver skilled and efficient candidates. There is also an increase in adaptation of innovative tools like video interviewing, online assessments, and so on. With millions of unique mobile phone users, recruiters use this medium to attract their attention. And this encourages many employers as well to have mobile optimized career sites and job postings. Moreover the hiring process has also become more rigorous. Earlier job openings were filled based on a resume and half an hour interview with the boss but now things has changed. It may start with a work sample assignment based on the job profile followed by 3-4 rounds of interview. In short, the process takes months.

Moreover, organizations nowadays are focusing on delivering an unparalleled experience to their candidates. Basically a good experience by a candidate is an indirect way of marketing for an organization. Employees are not interested in working with disrespectful organizations.