Changing perspective of Business Students


According to the new data released by Graduate Management Admission Council, prospective students considered around 2.8 program types suitable for their career options in 2015 whereas around 71% of future business students identified only one program or industry suitable for their career option. As per the prospective student’s survey report, majority of the new applicants or the future students are more focused about the outcome of various programs they are seeking. Earlier, the study options and the job market was very limited but now as there are wide range of programs depending upon the area of interest along with different concentrations and plenty of job opportunities for the candidates; students have become more focused and are confident enough about their study and career choices.

Along with focused selection of study programs, the students also prefer mixture of classroom teaching along with online learning. Majority of the older students are interested into online learning methodologies as they face competitive and demanding job market. Older students prefer online learning because they need to maintain a balance between professional and personal life along with their studies. These students demand flexibility in the study programs. Young students get easily adaptable to the modern technologies and also have access to the networking in the classroom setting itself. Sometimes on-campus and off-campus learning makes a major difference in the student’s performance.

Possibly because of the rebounding economy, business school students have become more focused on their academic pursuits compared to their alumni’s. The students have become more preferable towards their study options which will help them to achieve career goals.