Changes to Take Effect in Australia 457 Visa Rules


New rules to Australia 457, which will come into force from January 2017, will affect the visa holders residing with children in Southern Australia. Immigrants, arriving to Australia on January 2017 and onwards through 457 visas, will have to pay fee to cover the cost of their children’s education in government schools.

The 457 visa is issued to the migrants, sponsored by an Australian organization or with the Australian Immigration Department on a labor agreement. Such workers are permitted to work in Australia for the maximum period of four years. So, from now onwards, as stated in the changes of 457 visa rules, fees in southern Australian states would be same as the fees charged in some other parts of the country.

The fees to be paid would depend on a family’s financial situation. For the families staying on a 457 visa, the annual fee in primary schools in 2017 would be A$5,100 per head and annual fee in high schools would be A$6,100 per head. These fees are applicable to eldest child and would be reduced by 10 percent for each sibling. According to the new rule, parents are also allowed to pay the full fees or through installments or per term.

Contribution fees would not be charged in any case, if a 457 visa holder does not earn a gross profit of A$57,000 along with his/her spouse or partner. This contribution fee is applicable to only those who will arrive in southern Australia from January, 2017 and onwards. People arriving in southern Australia on 457 visas before January, 2017, would be waived from paying the fee.

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