Changes to be made in Immigration Policy of Canada


As per a recent report, the Trudeau government will introduce the changes in Canada’s current immigration system very soon as he announced the plan during the election campaign. The minister of immigration, refugee and citizenship John McCallum announced that in order to simplify immigration process, some streams need to be modified. Following changes in immigration system will be beneficial for international students as well as families.

● International students will not have much trouble to get admission in Canadian universities/colleges.

● International students who are young, educated and fluent in English or French are more likely to be permanent resident of Canada without facing hurdles.

● Unfriendly laws and policies will be short-changed that make the difficult for students to become Canadian citizen.

● Applicants, having siblings in Canada will be able to get more points on their application of Express Entry.

One of the major concerns of government is amendment in family class immigration process.

Canadian government has increased the quota in the new Parents and Grandparents Super Visa Program. The current government is planning to issue 20,000 visa in the year 2016 in parents and grandparents sponsorship applications category.

The two year waiting period for spouse or sponsored individuals on ‘Conditional Permanent Visa’ will be bypassed.

The Maximum age for dependent visa will be 22 instead of 19. That means, it will be easier to bring older children to Canada.

With Canada’s aging population, having efficient and effective immigration system is essential for long-term growth of this country. Still, it is important to stay updated with the latest changes and requirements of immigration laws and to process accordingly for hassle free visa procedure. For, more information regarding Canada immigration visa, visit nearest Canada Immigration Visa Consultant in your city.