Career in New Zealand


In today’s competitive world, when global education is undergoing through a significant revolutionary move, students have almost all the career options available that they have really dreamt of. But, the major problem that every student faces is regarding the constraints, uncertainty and confusion in selecting the area of their interest and also the unavailability of options to pursue with the path to their dream career. With lots of dreams in their eyes, though students want to opt a career which can help them settle in their dream career destination, but many of them fails in taking the right decision. In this situation, an experienced and knowledgeable foreign education consultant can help them in selecting the right course which offers immense scope in the country they want to settle.

In context of this, let’s take an example of studying in New Zealand..! Now the students who want to settle down in New Zealand need to first learn about the structure of New Zealand’s economy, its key emerging and dominant sectors which have a great scope for professional growth as well. Here, the foreign education consultant may come into the picture where, they can easily define the scope of a particular field or career in New Zealand.

Actually,  New Zealand is a country with beautiful landscapes and immense possibilities of professional growth in the sector of medicine, tourism & hospitality, agriculture, food processing, engineering, law and management, but,   number of skilled professionals in various fields are running chronically short in its job market and such professionals are therefore in acute demand.

Therefore, the students who really want to get settled in New Zealand can take advantage of inevitable career and growth opportunities if they select a right course to slide under the skill shortage list issued by New Zealand Government.

Also, the students who complete their education successfully under skill shortage list can take the point advantage for claiming Permanent Residence in New Zealand. The government and the industries of New Zealand aim at attracting more of the skilled workers to their country. Other than this, any student enrolled under skilled migrant category is eligible to apply for 1 year job search visa which can help them in joining a full time job in New Zealand.

Moreover, after getting a job offer during the period of job search, one can also apply for 2 years open work permit or Permanent residency in the country.