Canada Set to Increase Immigrants Even Further


Over 320,000 new immigrants have settled in Canada in the past year and that is a record break number for many decades. From July, 2015 to July 2016, a total number of 320,932 permanent residents have made this country their home. That is an increase in comparison to last year’s number which was 240,844 and this represents the fastest growth in almost three decades. Furthermore, government of Canada is planning to welcome even more new migrants to Canada in the upcoming year. In annual population count, Statscan – Statistics Canada has revealed the latest details in the end of September, 2016.

Ontario has always topped the list but a report says that Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia have also boosted their immigration number lately. Express Entry System allows the government to elect which candidates can submit an application through federal economic program. Hence, government has reduced the time for the process to manage the supply. The reasons for the growing figures of immigrants are many such as Express Entry and its backlog, Provincial Nominee Program, Syrian Refugees and The New Government.

It is very well known that the government plans to unveil the overall immigration strategies to make it more convenient for immigrants to be permanent residents. Also, Canadian Minister of Immigration, John McCallum had stated during summer that Canada needs more immigrants in order to fill labor shortage.

While other nations are looking inward, Canada is actually looking forward to welcome more migrants in coming year that includes professionals, students, international graduates, families and relatives of current immigrants and citizens.