Canada gaining popularity among International students than the UK


The report claims that the major reasons for students opting to study in Canada is due to the strict immigration rules followed in the UK. Moreover, Canadian government is also easing the immigration rules for international students and making it simpler to apply for the citizenship status. It is also claimed that the liberal government is likely to increase their immigration targets during the coming year’s to target more international students and immigrants. Recently, immigration minister John McCallum had asked the government to attract more number of international students to apply for the permanent resident status. Such positive initiative on behalf of the Canadian government is making the country more preferable compared to other developed countries like the United States and the UK.

International students in the UK are finding it difficult to continue their stay in the country after the completion of their studies following the government plan to expel international students from the UK after graduation. Whereas in Canada, graduate international students receive ample number of opportunities to continue their stay in the country depending upon the province in which they were studying.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons why Canada is considered to the favourite study destination among international students:

Canada is a multicultural nation wherein students are provided with high quality living and learning environment.

Many of the institutions in Canada offer transfer programs wherein international students can opt to study in colleges and later transfer into a university program.

Spouse or common-law partners of international students studying in Canada can accompany them later with the open work permit program.

International students are allowed to work off-campus which helps them to earn their living, build their Canadian work experience and also generate professional contacts.

After graduation, international graduates are eligible for the post graduate work permit wherein they can work for any employer upto three years.

Canada also offers different options to international students which enable them to opt for Canadian permanent resident status and later apply for the Canadian citizenship status.

When it comes to welcoming and retaining the international students in the country there is a vast difference between Canada and other developed countries and this makes Canada the most preferable nation by international students.