Canada - A world class study destination with Job and Permanent Residency Prospects


Due to high quality education and low cost of living, Canada has become increasingly popular among students as well as those who wish to immigrate to Canada. Canada is an amalgamation of the amazing natural beauty, universally acclaimed educational programs, great employment prospects and high standard of living. Some of the facts why international students and immigrants are attracted towards Canada are:

  • Employment Prospects

International students can take the advantage of working while studying through different co-op educational trainings or work off campus. Moreover, after graduation the students get the opportunity to work in Canada upto three years under the work permit option. With skills shortage in Canada, there has been excessive demand for skilled workers and professionals. The unemployment rate in Canada is also low.

  • Top Quality Education System

Canada is known for its high quality education system offering internationally acclaimed education programs and lower tuition fees. International students also get the opportunity to work while studying through its co-op education and internship opportunities. Canada makes a large investment into its educational system.

  • Multicultural and Bilingual Nation

Canada is known for its diverse culture and open hearted people who always provide a welcoming feel to their immigrants. Moreover, Canada is also known as a bilingual country with two languages French and English. So anyone who doesn’t know French can communicate with the people over there in English. Many of the universities and colleges in Canada also provide English second language programs to international students who require improving their English.

  • Safe and Secure Environment

Canadian government maintains strict guidelines for the safety and security of its people. Not only this but many universities/colleges in Canada are also conscious about maintaining the safety of their students on campus. Canada has a reputation of being a safe country with lowest crime rates.

  • Low Tax and Inflation rate

Canada is also known as a resilient economy for its consistently decreasing tax rates and inflation rates. As per the Monetary Policy Report, Bank of Canada expects the year 2016 to end with an inflation rate at 1.4%. Due to low tax and inflation rate, every year Canadians get to keep more of their personal income.

With strong international reputation, high quality of educational and other world class facilities for its immigrants, Canada continues to become popular among the international students as well as people seeking to migrate to Canada.