Best Study Tips on how to be Successful in a Canadian University


Studying in university is an exciting experience and the experience doubles when it’s a Canadian university. Experiencing a university life is accompanied with change in your daily routines, lifestyle, campus life etc. You get to meet new people and make new friends. Here are few points to help you manage the new campus life, how to cope up with the stress of studying in a Canadian university and scoring decent grades.

1) Start your university life with an open mind because you will be facing new ideas, new cultures, new methodologies etc. Initially, you may feel weird with some habits or culture followed but who knows that you might even end up adapting any one of them.

2) Once you arrive at university, take some time out and to identify the places in the campus areas where the campus facilities are available such as security staff, library, residential support etc.

3) Go to the university website, to get the useful information available for students. The website has some of the useful information about learning strategies, teaching and learning resources etc.

4) Spending too much time in studying without having any social life is also not recommendable. While at university, you will be expected to organize your own plan to cope up the study stress. Making priority list will indeed help you to stay on track till your university program completes.

5) Schedule a plan for you while you are at university. You should prioritize your work like assignments, projects, presentations, lecturers, revision etc. Establishing a balance through time management is the most important skills required while studying in a university.

6) As a full time student, you are expected to dedicate majority of your time for university study including attending seminars and lectures. Rest of the time you can utilize in self-study, research, projects, assignments, etc.

7) Find time for your social life as well but don’t forget to take care of your health and have enough sleep. Because a healthy body and mind stays focus and alert during the lectures.

8) Constantly, review your schedule plan because assessing your plans will help you in making necessary changes     which will help you to complete your tasks.

9) Be punctual and regular in class. You may think that your absence will go unnoticed but keep this in mind, that         your absence in classes might hamper your grades as well. Make sure that you don’t miss any class.

10) While studying if you come across with some doubts or you face problem in understanding the concept, then you can approach the lecturers or faculty members during their office hours. Don’t hesitate in asking questions.

University life is full of challenges which needs ample amount of time for studying. There will loads of projects and assignments for you, but with a little courage, you can make it and the course period would be one of the best times of your life.