7 Beautiful Reasons to Settle In Canada


Canada is a country with rich customs, the second largest country in the world and home to a lot of immigrants. To anyone thinking of immigrating to a foreign country, Canada will be the best choice you can make, Out of the many things that will influence and change your life with immigrating to Canada. Here are 7 reasons why you should not miss this chance.

A healthy lifestyle- Canada has approximately 38.17% forest area, which means greenery, as well as nice scenery. Also, it has been ranked as the country with 3rd best air quality. This ensures that pollution related problems are nearly nonexistent in the country.

Rights and freedom- Canada treats its immigrants just like its citizens. That means that immigrants can work around just like Canadian citizens. Also, if you’ve been in Canada for 3 years, then you can avail benefits like, visiting USA and Middle East without visa. While, this benefit can be availed only after living in Canada for 3 years, no work will get affected because of the equal treatment of citizens and immigrants.

Low international tuition fees- The tuition fees in Canada is low in comparison to most places. But, the one thing to take care of is that both college and university hold different meaning here. College, here stands for an institute that provides more of a vocational qualification, like bachelor’s degree whereas, university, means an institute that offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate degree.

Federal skill worker’s program- Canada has a vibrant economy and room for ample growth. The skilled worker’s program hence provides an opportunity for those training in health care industry, IT, engineering and federal trade worker’s program provides opportunities for skillful jobs  like carpentry, plumbing, electrical expertise etc.

Canada Health Act- The federal legislation of Canada puts in place conditions by which individual provinces and territories may receive funding for health care services. It also ensures that all necessary health care services are insured and all administration of provincial health insurance must be carried by public authority or a non- profit basis among a few other health care tendencies. Canadians are said to be health fanatics as they always have a sport or hobby that they play or pursue in order to remain fit.

Minorities Justified- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has ranked Canada among top for accepting minorities. The forum, works toward democracy and the market economy.

Low crime rate- Canada has been taking measure to ensure that the crime rate in the country decreases with each passing year, making it a safe haven.

Rich- Being the second largest country, Canada is rich with natural resources including oil reserves.

Hence, the country provides to be a mixture of cultures, quality education, healthy life style as well as a safe haven. The citizen’s as told by the immigrants are warm and welcoming, due to their thirst for gaining knowledge about new cultures and traditions. For all the reason mentioned here, as well as many others, people are immigrating to Canada.  For those of you who wish to do the same, there’s no reason to cause a delay, just contact you visa agents and enjoy the beautiful country that is, Canada.