18 May '15 Fleming College Visit at Winny Ahmedabad


11 May, 2015

Fleming – One of the government colleges of Ontario province, Located in Peterborough is best known for its EC programs. Its delivers its best in Biotechnology, Forensic Science, Wire-less Technology, Environment, Electrical, Nursing, Instrumentation and Control, Hospitality and Toursim. Apart from the wide range of courses, it also take utmost care of Students life. It offers orientation which makes students understanding the college better, ‘Student Health101 – magazines’ with important topics specific to students. On campus job, volunteer opportunities, food services, library etc are exclusively for students and their betterment.

Register yourself to get to meet the delegate and know more about an International Student's life in Canada, Post study work options and how to make a sound decision for fulfilling your dream of higher education.

Get a chance to meet the representative of the college at Winny for Admission assessment and seminar.


Winny Ahmedabad Office: May 18th, 2015 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

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