07 April’ 16 Red River College in Winny Ahmedabad


07th April, 2016

Thinking of a reputed educational university in Canada? Then get the opportunity to meet the Representative of Red River College!

Red River College offers more than 100 full-time day programs that deliver the hands-on experience which students need to succeed in the workplace. Red River College is also renowned for its applied learning through which students get the training they need to hit the ground running. Red River College is one of the largest; the most diversified and highly respected colleges in Canada. The facilities offered by the college will help the student gain experience be it social, recreational or my personal development.  Red River College is committed to adapting and improving innovative theories, trends and practices into the wide range of programming to ensure continuing relevancy for students.

● Key Features:

Red River College’s Radio Station helps the student in the creative communication program with its training program.

Red River College statistics claims 95% graduate employment rate and 93% graduate satisfaction rate.

Get a chance to meet the representative of the college at Winny for Admission assessment and seminar.

● Schedule:

Winny Ahmedabad Office: 07th April, 2016 3:00 pm – 5:00pm

Bring your academic Documents for On Spot Admission Assessment

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